Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Family questions cops over road block shooting

IPOH: Family members of a man who fled a police road block in his car questioned the need for policemen to open fire at him.

The bullet embedded itself in the 34-year-old man’s right palm after passing through his left arm.

A passer-by, who saw the man in pain, helped to send him to the hospital while the police stayed back to investigate after a packet said to contain drugs was found outside his car on March 29.

The man’s elder sister K. Santhana Kumari, 38, said the policemen should have shot at the car tyres or fired a warning into the air instead of shooting at her brother who did not stop as he did not have a driving licence.

Yesterday, the man was brought to court to have his remand period extended for seven more days.

Defence counsel M. Kulasegaran assisted by Augustine Anthony and N. Selvam pointed out to magistrate Mohd Fitri Sadarudin in his chambers that their client’s condition was serious and warranted medical attention.

When met later, Kulasegaran said: ”Use of firearms should be the last resort. Police must stop being trigger-happy.

“The family will be writing to the Inspector-General of Police to express their unhappiness.”

It is learnt investigations have been completed and the case is awaiting an order to charge from the Attorney-General chambers.

When contacted, Ipoh OCPD Asst Comm Azisman Alias said his policemen were discharging their duties accordingly.

He said checks revealed that the man had a record for a drug-related offence and assault.

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