Thursday, April 14, 2011

Come April 16th , give BN the third political shock that will cause Taib to go and bring about a new and better Sarawak


This is the speech I was supposed to deliver at the DAP ceramah at Miri waterfront tonight. But I was not able to do so as the ceramah had to be ended early due to the heavy rain.

I have been told that DAP has never won in Miri as it is the strongest fortress of SUPP.

I have also been informed that in past state elections, our ceramahs were poorly attended.

Our fights in those days against SUPP, especially SUPP chief George Chan was like fighting a stone with an egg.

But DAP and our comrades here have always adopted the spirit of never say die.

We continue to fight on because we believe that the people power will come one day.

I am happy to observe that in this election, there is a very strong wind of change blowing across Sarawak and for the first time in the history of Sarawak electoral history, Miri is leading the fight for political change in Sarawak.

Geroge Chan may still think that he has strong muscles and was proud to show them recently, but come April 16. Miri voters will tell him which is stronger, his muscles or the people power.

This time around, with the support of the Miri folks, DAP candidates’ battles against SUPP in Miri are no longer like “eggs hitting against stone “.

Because of the people’s yearn of change, DAP has become a rock that will rock George Chan and his SUPP team in Miri.

Let me tell George Chan and his political master Pek Moh, we are no more the eggs which you could easily crush , but we are the rock which will crush you, come April 16.

How could an egg become a rock? That is political transformation caused by the people power! That is political magic brought about by the brave Sarawakians. !

Sarawakians shocked BN in the 2006 state election when they decided to send 6 DAP candidates to the Sarawak state assembly.

Sibu voters who voted on behalf of Sarawakians created political miracle in the 2010 Sibu parliamentary by election when they elected Sdr Wong Ho Leng, the first Pakatan Rakyat Member of Parliamneat from Sarawak.

That was the second political shock for the BN and Taib.

But it looks like two shocks are not enough to rock Pek Moh. He still plans to hold on.

After campaigning for a few days here, Prime Minister Dato Sri Najib declared that BN was going to form the government in Sarawak and he also said obtaining two third majority would be a bonus.

An employee who has worked diligently and performed well in his job deserves a bonus from his employer.

A government that has betrayed the people’s trust and mandate does not deserve any bonus.
In fact, Pek Moh and his government deserves a strong kick and given the boot by the people.
Enough of corruption, nepotism and cronyism .

Taib has not a single valid reason to justify staying even a day longer.

30 years is long enough. Enough is enough.

Give BN no bonus but the boot!

I call on the Miri voters to lead in this great battle for change.

Let 416 be a day of new political beginning for Sarawak and Sarawakians.

Come April 16, give BN the third political shock that will cause Taib to go and bring about a new and better Sarawak for all.

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