Thursday, March 31, 2011

UMNO Sexploitation: Eskay, Rahim And The RISDA Connection

By : Chua Jui Meng

The truth is now rapidly emerging of the dirty finger prints all over the fabricated sex video that is seeking to implicate Anwar, the PKR and opposition leader. It is a sordid case of moral bankruptcy, political connivance at the highest level and money politics of which UMNO is the undisputed number one in ranking in the region, if not the world.

According to Syed Azidi, a blogger who writes under the name of Kickdefella, Eskay Shazryl, one of the infamous "‘Datuk T" trio that concocted this sex video, had met up with him, five other bloggers and an "alternative media" news editor to share details of Anwar’s sexual escapades with the select group.

During the meeting which clearly was intended to recruit the blogging community in smearing Anwar and destroying PKR and Pakatan ahead of the Sarawak and national elections, Eskay had said, "I am not interested in politics... I saw Anwar’s presence in Malaysian politics as good for "check and balance."

Eskay also said "I am not from Umno or any other party, but I like it when the opposition is strong so that people’s interests are prioritized".

What triggered Eskay – on his own – and without prompting from anyone in the group to make the claim that he was not from UMNO and that his interests were altruistic? Are these statements from him believable? Are these statements professing admiration for Anwar, and emphasizing that he was not interested in politics and merely wanted to strengthen the opposition the truth or in fact really the opposite?

To most Malaysians, these unprompted statements appear to be a clear indication of not only of a guilty conscience but also of someone desperately trying to prove his bona fides and his good intentions when he had in fact a different agenda.

Sex Video: A Gift and Sign from Allah

According to Eskay, the revelation of the sex video was a "gift and sign" from Allah. It is well known that there are likely to be many other ‘gifts’ that Eskay would have received for peddling the scurrilous and despicable sex video.

Don’t forget that Rahim Thamby Chik, a principal co-conspirator and an UMNO leader with a string of scandals ranging from sexual to politically tainted corrupt deals, is the current Chairman of RISDA, an agency which recently had a RM499 million budget for administrative development and with a very large and lucrative procurement for fertilizers and other agricultural supplies.

According to Mohamad Mahti Abdul Rahim, who was the late Megat Junid Megat Ayub’s bodyguard, and has known Eskay since the 1990’s, Eskay is a Si Kitol, referring to the character in Malay history who betrayed the Sultan of Malacca to the Portuguese for his own benefit.

Mohamad Mahti had been asked by Eskay to recruit the services of ex-special action unit (UTK) officers for the Carcosa screening of the sex video seeking to frame Anwar and had refused to go along. He has now gone on record to say: "I am available if the police or even the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission want to question me. If Eskay wants to sue me, go ahead. I have no worries."

Other Gifts For Eskay and Perkasa?

The benefits that Eskay can look forward to receiving from his political masters have also become clearer from Mohamad Mahti’s other revelations. According to him, Eskay operates five fertiliser factories in Thailand. This explains Eskay’s intimate relationship with Rahim Thamby Chik.

So how does Perkasa come into the picture one may ask? Shuib Lazim, the third member of the Datuk T trio is the Perkasa Treasurer-General. Shuib is also the father-in-law of Rural and Regional Development Minister Shafie Apdal. Shafie Apdal incidentally has a RM6 billion budget at his disposal just for this year alone, a fabulous sum that many in UMNO and Perkasa leadership are doubtless salivating to get their hands into.

This is the opening shot to a new barrage of dirty tricks before the elections. For those dirty political tricks wannabes, the sex video incident is a case study of how you can overreach and shoot yourself in the foot, despite all the resources available and careful attention to presentation and preparation.

The sex video has clearly backfired on UMNO and the Datuk T trio. Even UMNO and Perkasa grassroots supporters (and some leaders) are putting their hands up on their faces in shame at this UMNOwood production. It is a constant reminder not only of how desperate the UMNO leadership and cronies are in their attempt to fool the people and retain power but also of how money politics is at the heart of UMNO’s political struggle and actions.

CHUA JUI MENG is PKR Vice President

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