Thursday, March 17, 2011

Man waits in vain for help after tragedy

Source: The Star news

TWO years after his son died in a freak mishap, lorry driver Mohd Norzila Abd Rahman (pic) is still waiting for help which had been promised to him and his family.

Mohd Norzila, 47, claimed that the state government, Ipoh City Council and several non-governmental organisations (NGOs) had promised to help after the tragedy but so far nobody has come forward to fulfil the pledges.

In recalling the tragedy, Mohd Norzila said his son Moh

d Firdaus, 23, and friend Mohd Zairi Mohd Sabri, 25, who were inside a car, were killed when a row of pre-war buildings along Jalan Kama-ruddin Isa in Ipoh collapsed, causing the car to be under a rubble on Oct 2, 2009.

Mohd Norzila said to date he has not received news about any action to be taken against the city council or the contractor responsible for demolishing the pre-war buildings.

“The entire episode has been taxing on me and my family. My wife is still depress and grieving over the untimely death of our son,” he said.

Ipoh Barat MP M. Kulasegaran, who was present to help highlight the plight of Mohd Norzila, reminded the authorities to fulfil their pledges.

When contacted, state Infor-mation Department chief Datuk Hamdi Abu Bakar said his representative had offered help and legal services to Mohd Norzila but it was rejected.

“He (Mohd Norzila) claimed that we are using him for political mileage and declined our offer,” said Hamdi.

Hamdi also said that Perak Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Dr Zam-bry Abd Kadir had presented the victim’s family with some aid shortly after the incident.

He said Mohd Norzila had called him earlier this month regarding the matter.

“I told him that my doors are always open to anyone who needs help,” he said.

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