Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Condolences to the People of Japan

Today in Parliament I rose to express my condolences to the people of Japan who were affected by tsunami and earthquake which struck Japan on 11March2011.

I informed the Speaker that many Parliaments around the world have already moved a motion of grief and to do one immediately is urgent.

The Speaker mentioned that the Government will move a formal resolution this Thursday.

The natural calamity has resulted in ten of thousands of lives to perished together with billions of property damaged or lost.
Its winter now and thousands are homeless.

In this time of desolation and grief for the Japanese people, I express my sympathy for the ordeal that they are forced to undergo as a result of the calamity that has befallen them.

The world looks with quiet admiration on the stoicism displayed by the Japanese people as they attempt to sort their lives from the rubble to which it has been reduced by the capricious lash of nature.

We pray that the industrious, and what global citizens know, as the charitable people of this country will soon recover their poise and restore their nation to its vitality of before the disaster.

May a kind providence speed them to recovery.     

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