Friday, February 11, 2011

High crime rates involving Indian youths, government cannot pretend its not a major issue!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Yesterday morning, a granny of 73years old was brutally killed when 4 youths, after robbing her killed her.

Today, together with DAP members, I visited the bereaved family and extended my condolences.

Despite the Government‘s claim that the police has been successful in bring down crime rate in the country, many Malaysians still do not feel safe.
The government needs to admit the fact that many people are still complaining about crimes in the country and their fear of crime.

I can say that many Ipoh residents in fact still fear crime although official statistics show that there has been a drop in crime index.

It is also alarming that many Indians youths are involved in crimes.

Recent murder cases in Ipoh City include:-
- In December last year, V. Perumal, 67 was brutally attacked till death in Gopeng
- In December last year, Raegan was shot dead in Kampong Tawas
-In December last year, Jagadeson was burned alive together with 4 wheel drive in Simpang
- In December last year, Lawyer Bala Sundram was murdered

Serious efforts need to be put up by our police force to arrest the deteriorating condition among the Indian youths.

Most important of all, the government must come up with economic programmes to help the Indian community as an effective way to eradicate the causes which result in high crime rates involving Indian youths.

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