Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Year of the rabbit can a change take place at PutraJaya?

I spoked at the old town Ipoh coffee shop area today at noon. Present were YB Fong and YB Thomas Su. Also many supporters and well wisherers came to give a helping hand to our launch of the programme.

“Year of the Rabbit—Change” programme in Ipoh on Wednesday, January 19, 2011. Irrespective of whether a snap poll is held as speculated or later, PR must be totally prepared for the next general election.

It is strongly speculated that the prime minister will call a snap poll in March or April this year.
Although Najib does not need to call for elections before 2013, there are various factors why a snap poll is likely to be held as speculated.

A key factor is undoubtedly the eagerness and impatience of Umno leaders and grassroots to want to regain seats lost in the 2008 general election.

Another factor is that Najib realizes that he requires a mandate of his own from the voters.
One more important factor is the fact that any further delay in holding the next election will hurt BN’s chances as the soon expected slowdown in world economy will also affect Malaysia’s economy.

However, given the unprecedented electoral debacle suffered by the BN in the last general election, it is natural that Najib will want to see more favorable signs to BN’s advantage before he finally decides to go for snap polls.

Out come of Tenang by elections will influence Najib’s decision on polls. Hence, the upcoming Tenang by election will have big influence on his decision. I believe that if BN wins big in the by election, then a snap poll will be just around the corner as speculated.

Irrespective of whether a snap poll is held as speculated or later, PR must be totally prepared for the next general election. The prime minister has openly declared that he will do whatever necessary to keep BN in power. PR must therefore expect the next election to be the dirtiest in the nation’s electoral history.

More importantly, PR must be totally and better prepared for the election. PR will have to be prepared not just internally but also must reach out to the people more.

Today, MP for Batu Gajah Fong Po Kuan, SA for Pasir Pinji Thomas Su and myself are present here in the heart of Kinta Valley to launch the:

“Year of the Rabbit--Change Programme”.

This campaign will be an ongoing programme in the whole of Kinta Valley and will be extended to other areas in Perak after the Chinese New Year.In Perak, there are still about 500,000 qualified citizens who have not registered themselves as voters.

This is a huge number and if they are eligible to vote, they will play a very decisive role in determining the electoral outcome of many seats in the general election, both the state and federal ones.

Hence, we call on those who have yet to sign up to quickly do so as to be able to exercise their constitutional voting right in the next election which is the most crucial and important one in the nation’s electoral history.

We also call on registered voters to come forward to check their voting status and area of voting. We can check for them on line and inform them of their status immediately.
We want to make Malaysia a better society through political change. We also want to make the Earth a better place for all.

Today, for each individual who comes to register as a voter or to check his /her voting status, he /she will be given a recycle bag. Plastic bag is a cause of long term environmental damage.
Last year, on the 11th of January2010 the DAP has submitted a memorandum to the Ipoh City Mayor urging him to declare a plastic bag free day in Ipoh. Unfortunately, till today, nothing much has moved in Ipoh.

In this regard, we must congratulate the Penang government led by Lim Guan Eng in its determined efforts to reduce the use of plastic bags.

This shows that the PR government will do what is right and necessary for the long term good of the people and the place we live.

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