Sunday, January 16, 2011


ACID (NGO) and Kg.Thye Lee residents committee arranged for the Ponggal Ceremony in their village land yesterday (15/01/2011).

This tradition is slowly diminishing as more Hindus are working and have not had the time to observe it. The need to perform this ceremony became more meaningful each year of our life.

Another way of saying Ponggal is Thai Ponggal as it begins in the month of Thai. It is also a start to be in the festive mood in preparation of Thaipusam. So basically Ponggal is celebrated by most Hindus in the harvesting month, saying grace to God for a bountiful harvest.

In olden days, it is a three days festive celebration. First day, is sharing your harvest with friends, neighbors and relatives. Then the festival begins with the main event, boiling the milk and praying for another good year in their crops for the farmers. Second day is a festive day for the cows, Mattu Ponggal.

Having worked so hard, it is time to dress them up and say thanks to the cows. To the Hindus, cows are sacred to them. The third day is for young marriageable ladies, Kanni Ponggal. Young ladies will be adorned with all the family heirlooms and then prays for marriage to a good man, their life.

M.Kulasegaran, being the Member Parliament for Ipoh Barat constituency, in his speech expressed his happiness and encouraged ACID and locals to perform more traditional programs in future.

This was the first time that more than hundreds of local people around shared their celebration mood with the village residents.




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