Friday, January 28, 2011

Indra Gandhi's pending court cases are in real jeopardy

A group of concerned citizens gathered at the ipoh police station to show support to Indria Gandhi. I said among other matters the following:

Indira Gandhi who has been in and out of the courts for custody of her 3 children may soon be disentitled even to proceed with her 2 pending court cases which are in the courts now.

On 28thJuly2010, Indira Gandhi successfully got leave of the High Court to proceed to quash the decisions of:-

1) the Jabatan Agama Islam Negeri Perak which had converted the 3 Hindu children of the family into Islam2 the Syariah High Court of Perak which had given custody of the 3 children to Indria’s husband on 08April2009.

In both the above instances, the husband Pathamanathan a/l Krishnan obtained the order in the absence of his wife Indria Gandhi.

Subsequently, the High Court in Ipoh gave an order of custody of the 3 children to Indira Gandhi.

To date the last child of the family is still with Pathamanathan. His and the child’s where about is unknown. The High Court decision is pending appeal to the Court of Appeal by the Pathamanathan. A new development may mean that the above cases may be derailed.

A car was bought in the name of Indira sometime in 1999. The monthly installments were to be paid by her husband Pathamanathan.

Unknown to Indira Gandhi, her husband had failed to pay the monthly car installments. She had moved house and had not notified the bank of the new address. All documents including bank’s court documents were served at the old address. Now she has been adjudged a bankrupt.

Although the Ipoh High Court has granted custody to Indira, her youngest child of 3 years old has not been given back to her by her husband. According to reliable sources, he is hiding in Kelantan.

Today, Indira has formally lodged a police report pertaining to the above bankruptcy. She is in a dilemma.

Strictly according to the law, a bankrupt cannot institute a court case. Thus her case may all fizzle out unless the authorities give permission for her to proceed.

The lingering question is --in view of her action against the government; will the authorities give her permission/leave to proceed with her civil suites?

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