Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hearing date blunder causes much anguish and inconvenience to Lim Sang Fah and his wife.

January 12, 2011, in Ipoh, Perak

On the 1st of February2010, Lim Jian Wei, a school boy of 10 years old was riding bicycle to Bercham Chinese School.

Unfortunately on the way, a school motorbus hit him and he died instantly. Prior to the incident the deceased had always used the same route and never had any mishap.

The bus driver has been charged for reckless driving and if found guilty could be sentenced to a jail term. Today the father of the deceased Sdr. Lim Sang Fah, 49, and his wife was asked by the police to be present in court to give evidence against the bus driver.

DAP has agreed to provide legal assistance to Sdr Lim and today they were represented by lawyers, Selvam and Bala together with myself.

We were in court sharp at 8.30am but were told by the court staff that they had wrongly informed about the Hearing date as today. The actual date is the 2/2/11.

With the introduction of the KPI (key performance index) and speedier trial system in the Courts, we were surprised the a wrong Hearing date was given to the Lim's family.

The death of Lim Jian Wei was a tragic loss to Sdr Lim and his family. The Hearing date has caused them further anguish and distress .

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