Monday, January 10, 2011

FYT- a legend is born

FYT – a legend is born

Dr Chen Man Hin DAP life advisor

At the memorial services in honour of the late FAN YEW TENG, hundreds of friends who had fought with him for human rights, democracy and justice gathered at the memorial services to pay tribute to a great Malaysian. FYT spent most of his life in the service of Malaysia and mankind.

As a teacher, he was editor of the publication of the teachers’ union and leading trade union leader and was instrumental in getting pay increases and equal pay without gender discrimination.

As a political leader, he was acting secretary general of the DAP and served as a Member of Parliament until he lost a sedition case after being charged for printing an article about the injustices of the day.

After politics he opted to struggle for human rights in the world arena. He was in the vanguard of world NGOs to campaign for freedom for Aung San Su Ki, the imprisoned leader of Myanmar, and other oppressed peoples.

At the memorial services at Kuala Lumpur and Ipoh and at his funeral service in Bangkok, many NGO representatives and the diplomatic corps paid tributes and showered accolades on FYT for his services and sacrifices in the interests of the poor and for democracy and justice.

Back home he worked together with the NGOs irrespective of race or religion. He travelled among the people on his trusted bicycle. He served the poor with humility and gave alms freely, so much so he would be constantly short of money. He never saved because he did not believe in riches. All he cared for was to serve the poor and struggle for human rights.

But Fan Yew Teng was a wealthy man when he departed from the world. He was showered with tributes, praises and support from honourable compatriots who thronged the memorial services.

He was rich, rich with honour, pride and glory. He had hundreds of like-minded friends in Malaysia and in foreign countries. He belonged to an elite group of human rights champions.

Farewell FYT. You have become a legend. A new legend is born – Fan Yew Teng, champion of the poor and freedom and justice fighter!!!

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