Monday, December 27, 2010

Gift for Kids

It is end of year now. Parents will have to get ready their school going children with books and school uniforms.

Despite the fact that education is free in our primary and secondary schools, parents still have to fork out heavy expenses when school reopens.

This situation is tough for parents who do not earn much. Malaysians not earning enough to have a decent life

Households in Malaysia cannot make ends meet with less that RM 2000 a month and at least 70 per cent of Malaysian households earn RM 2000 or less. The minimum household income in the urban centers would be RM 3000.

Malaysian workers, the Human Resources Ministry stated in August 2010 that the National Employment Return study of 2009 found that 34 per cent of the country’s workforce earned less than RM700 a month which was below the poverty line (RM720 per mensem).

Another 37% earned between RM700 to RM1500, giving 71 percent of the labor force earning RM 1500 or less of more than 11 million in a total population of 28 million

DAP Ipoh Barat selected and gave school uniforms and a set of shoes to alleviate parents financial stress.

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