Friday, December 31, 2010

Formation of Ipoh Barat Action Team.

With snap poll being strongly speculated to be held in March or April next year, DAP must make all out preparation for the nation’s most important general election.

The next general election will be one where for the first time in the nation’s electoral history, the opposition coalition will be seen as a serious contender for governmental power.

It will be a real tough fight as BN will definitely use its might of money, manpower and machinery, including dirty tactics to win the election.

DAP must therefore go into the coming election better prepared than any other previous election.

I am therefore glad to officiate the launching of the DAP Ipoh Barat Action Team on 30/12/2010, as part of our election preparation. The following have volunteered to be part of the Ipoh Barat Action Team:

K.Ananthan, Chen Kok Kheng, K.H.Khoo, Susan Ang, Yew Soon Seng, R.Leong, Phang Yoke Wah, Leong Ah Kaw,Cheng Khon Hooi, Yau Hoi Wah, Chin Kui Len, Hew You Yim, A.Suganthi, Dr.Jayabalan, Segaran, R.K.Muthu

I wish to thank the volunteers and DAP members for their participation in this Action Team.

The formation of the Action Team will help the elected representatives of DAP Ipoh Barat in providing better service and reaching out to the people.

In view of the fact that close to half a million qualified Perakians have yet to sign up as voters, an urgent task which should be embarked on by the Action Team is to endeavor to get as many as possible to register themselves.

There are also many young people who have ideals and we must therefore reach out to them and enlist them in our struggle for a better Malaysia for all.

Hence, dialogue sessions with the young people should be periodically planned.

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