Friday, December 3, 2010

Any educator who utters racial slurs should get the sack

Yesterday DAP submitted a petition containing 2,250 signatures collected from parents and members of the public, mostly from the Chinese community in Johor, to Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Mohamed Nazri Aziz in Parliament.
The memorandum was calling on the government to take stern action against the Johor school principal, Siti Inshah Mansor, for making racial slurs against the non Malay students on August 12 this year.

DAP assemblyman Ong Kow Meng who was in Parliament to send the petition revealed that among the derogatory things uttered by the school principal were:--‘Chinese students are not needed here and they can return to Foon Yew school or China’,- ‘the Indian students whose prayer strings tied around their neck and wrist make them look like dogs because only dogs are tied like that’-‘the government has targeted 30 per cent wealth for Bumiputera and 70 per cent for non-Bumiputeras under the National Economic Policy.

If I were to helm the government I will instead allocate 70 per cent wealth for Bumiputera and only 30 per cent for non-Bumiputera’-‘if I own a Proton Saga car and if I give a ride to Munusamy (Indian) and Chong (Chinese), they remain a passengers only. They cannot claim right to the car. Likewise the non-Malay students are merely passengers in the country’.
Ong’s shocking revelations have explained why school parents have taken the strong stand that she should be severely punished as what she has uttered are totally unacceptable and show that she is so unfit to be in the teaching service.
I fully agree with Sdr Ong’s views that her remarks “clearly indicate venomous bigotry and are an utter insult to the entire Chinese and Indian community in the country”.

According to earlier media report, she was already given a warning and was transferred to another school following investigations by the Public Service Department.This is insufficient. She should be charged in court for inciting racial unrest.

In fact, I believe that it is due to the lack of tough action against her and also the Kedah principal who made racial slurs which have resulted in a recent incident where an invigilator in Negeri Sembilan was alleged to make the derogatory remarks that Chinese students should go back to China and Indian students should go back to India if they could not understand her instructions in Bahasa Malaysia.

No Malaysian citizen should be told to go back to China or India. Neither should any educator who utters such racial slurs be lightly punished.It is time that the government must walk the talk on the prime minister’s declaration that there must be zero tolerance against racism.


  1. We cannot tolerate with double headed snake BN policy. Malay's can say anything to Indians & malay but it cannot be the other way round.

  2. Authorities = BN = discriminative = racist.