Monday, November 1, 2010

Speech at Kampar

I spoke at the dinner talk organized by DAP Pekan Kampar, Kampar on Saturday.

Among issues I spoke on are
1. Najib promised high income for
Malaysians, but in his 2011 Budget, he announced increasing the service tax from 5 % to 6 %.

 Cakap tidak serupa bikin.


2.       Service tax covers so many things. You will now have to pay more for your telekom or mobile phone bills. You will pay more when you dine in restaurants. Associations which hold annual dinners will also have to pay more in service tax. When your child gets married and a 50 table dinner is organized, you will know that 1% increased service tax means a lot.


3.       People are bored with RTM programmes and hence subscribe to Astro programmers, now the subscribers have to pay tax too.


4.       So is this a people friendly budget?


5.       Iris Jala said if subsidies for food, petrol etc not cut, Malaysia will go bankrupt in 2019. So logically speaking, govt should be more careful and prudent with spending.


6.       But PM announced the building of a 100 storey high tower. PM‘s wife recently organized

 a First Ladies conference which cost taxpayer a bomb. Only 1l9 of 192 countries sent their first ladies and almost all were from African countries.

 What type of Conference is this?


7.       The face book campaign to oppose mega tower project has reached 200k.

  We call on more people, especially the young ones who are face book account holders to show their voice and strength through face book power. Let the PM know that Malaysia does not need anymore mega tower.

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