Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Samy's appointment as special envoy can PM justify?

I raised the matter of DS Samy Vellu's appointment as special envoy while debating on public works Ministry's budget estimates

Can the Prime Minister justify the need to appoint Dato Samy Vellu as special envoy for infrastructure with ministerial status?

Today the 2011 financial estimates of the Works Ministry came up for parliamentary debate

I took the opportunity to raise news report about proposed appointment of Dato Seri Samy Vellu as the special envoy for infrastructure with Ministerial status. It has been said also that he will be in charge of all infrastructure matters for Malaysia in the Indian sub continent.

I asked for details on his remunerations and for how long would his appointment be.

 The Deputy Minister of Public Works,

 Dato Yong Khoon Hian confirmed that Samy would be appointed as a special envoy for infrastructure with Ministerial status. But the Deputy Minister said the terms and conditions of appointment would be decided by the Prime Minister.

It has been reported that Samy’s appointment as special envoy is a negotiated bargain for his agreement to quit his post as MIC president.

If this is true, then such appointment is made merely to resolve the prime minister’s political headache rather than in the economic interest of the nation.

Since the 2008 general election, several BN leaders have openly called on Samy to retire completely from politics but to no avail.

Following his defeat in the Sg Siput constituency in the 2008 general election, Samy has proclaimed that he will not seek a senatorship appointment.

He has managed to salvage some pride in refusing to go back to the Cabinet through the backdoor though the right thing that he should have done is to relinquish his presidency and retire from politics.

There is no doubt that having been a Minister of Works for many years, Samy has the experience to handle infrastructure issues, but if the special envoy appointment is indeed a condition or even “reward” for Samy’s political retirement, it will not go down well with the public.

The government has s been talking about the need to cut subsidies on petrol and food items, the creation of a special envoy position to solicit a party president’s political retirement is certainly unacceptable.

Can the Prime Minister justify the need to appoint Dato Samy Vellu as special envoy for infrastructure with ministerial status?



  1. Jikalau perdana menteri mempunyai segala kuasa muktad dalam menentukan siapa untuk menjawat jawatan apa, maka apakah kepentingan parlimen dinegara ini.?

    Najib jangan terlalu ghairah kuasa.

  2. DSSV remain in postion till his last breath. Wow, BN govt so fantastic. Why not offer such position to TUN M or TUN Lee Leong Sik or TUN Badawi? Are this people less capable in Najib's dictionary?

  3. They call it the MIC'an's dream, because you have to be asleep to believe it