Monday, November 29, 2010

Recent political developments in the country

I spoke at the retreat organized by Prof Rama's Batu Kawan Parliamentary Committee. It was held at the Golf Resort in Bedong. My assigned topic was " Recent political Development in the Country.".

Among the matters I said was:

     After the 1969 general election, the delineation exercises have made it difficult for opposition to fight against the BN.
Denying BN its two thirds parliamentary seemed impossible, let alone winning Selangor, Perak and Penang state governments. 

But the political tsunami of 2008 general election dealt BN its worst electoral debacle.
Many reasons have been cited for the political tsunami. In short, it was the combined strength of the Malays, Chinese and Indians which have brought about the unprecedented victory for opposition.
But since Najib taking over as the new PM more than a year ago, it is evidenced from both public surveys conducted by Merdeka Center and a few by elections results that BN has been slowly but certainly gaining back support from the Malays and Indians. 

Galas and Batu Sapi by elections should serve as wake up call to PR as the results must mean that the Chinese votes have also begun to swing towards BN.
Although tow swallows do not make a summer, and there is a possibility that Galas and Batu Sapi could be isolated cases, PR must not take the results lightly.

In fact, there have been write ups that if BN continues to gain momentum, there will be another political tsunami in the next general election, except that this time it will be the PR that will be “tsunami”.
Hence, while we don’t have to be pessimistic about PR’s chances, we must be realistic in admitting that of late while BN is gaining political momentum.
It cannot be denied that two key factors resulted in the 2008 political tsunami in favour of PR.
Firstly, it was the unstoppable political fervor for political change.
Secondly, it was because three major races, namely the Malays, Chinese and Indians threw their support behind PR.

The Indian community which have long been regarded as BN safe deposit rose up to the occasion and played their king maker role in helping PR to triumph in many areas.
  Without these two key factors, PR‘s political mission will not be achievable.

With snap polls being speculated to be held in March or April next year, PR must quickly regain the necessary momentum.

In fact, we can’t even rule out the possibility of snap polls as early as January next year where parliamentary and Sarawak state polls are held simultaneously held.

 In order to achieve our electoral objectives of capturing more state governments and the federal power, PR must go all out in reaching out to Malaysians.

An important issue that PR must look into is why the Malays have and Indians swung back to the BN? Have PR failed to live to their expectations?

I must be honest in saying that PR has to do a lot more to regain the Indian community’s support.
 Without the kind of support given by the community to PR in the 2008 general election,
It will not be enough for PR to even maintain the feat of 2008 general election.

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