Saturday, November 27, 2010

Need to address the drop of support of the Indian Community towards PR

Speech at S.Siput among Indian leaders dinner talk on 26thNov2010

The success by Pakatan Rakyaat in denying BN its traditional two thirds parliamentary majority in the 2008 elections was one of the greatest feats in Malaysian elections.

This victory coupled with PR’s triumphs in winning 5 state governments has made the 2008 elections all the more sweater.
The unprecedented success by the Opposition was a result of Malays, Chinese and Indians having decided that it was time for a political change.
The Indian voters though did not constitute majority in many constituencies, had played the kingmaker role and helped PR victories.

For over 52 years, the Indians have steadfastly supported the Barisan Nasional coalition come what may.

 But in 2008 elections, the Indians decided to vote for change and supported the Opposition. Why did this happen?

First and foremost, it was the political awakening which had finally taken place as a result of the Hindraf movement.
In the Hindraf rally of 27November, 2007. many Indians in the thousands got down to the streets to support the Hindraf cause. They advocated the 26 point plan.
Secondly, the BN has not been effective in helping the Indian community.

  The Indian community has always faced high rate of unemployment, single mothers, alcoholism, school drop outs and gangsterism.

Although the  BN  Government has promised in the 9thMalaysia Plan to increase the Indian community’s equity participation from 1.5 % to 3% by  2010,  the target has not been achieved  and the time to achieve it has been post postponed to 2020

The above issues are fundamental to the Indian community.

BN lost significant Indian support because MIC and BN had failed to deliver their promises.

It is therefore imperative that PR must live up to the expectations of the Indian voters.

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