Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Media statement from D. Tanabalan, Political Secretary to YB. M. Kula Segaran at DAP Perak, Medan Istana, Ipoh

The sudden morning protest at the DAP headquartes at Medan Istana at Ipoh by the PR youth group came as a sudden surprise to everyone especially since CM Lim Guan Eng has issued a directive to all in the party to avoid any press statements live alone a demo. As much as the intentions of the PR youth leaders maybe noble but we seek kind indulgence from all the PR members not only DAP members, to stop any or all kind of activities such as this and also from going from branch to branch internal campaigning which seems to be very active despite the CM’s instructions as this is only tarnishing DAP & PR’s name. I, on behalf of Y.B. Kula in his absence and according to his statement released today at his blog and I quote” I firmly believe that every Perak DAP comrade, whether a leader or a member has the duty and responsibility to ensure that good principles are observed and good practices maintained in the Party’s administration and organization matters” , request everybody to stay calm and let Y.B.Kula to handle matters upon his return which is only 2 days more.

Tanabalan Devarajoo
010-3993 020

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