Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Long distance thanks to all for their kind and encouraging words - Nepal

This is my fourth day overseas with my family. Though I have this “ burden “ of having to mull over “ my plans” in relation to the recent Perak “ issue”, my family and I are still enjoying our trip here.

I have yesterday tendered my apologies to those who have felt disappointed about Perak DAP problem becoming a public issue.

I would like to take this opportunity today to express my heartfelt thanks to all inside and outside the DAP who have expressed their sympathy, solidarity and support for me over the recent “issue”.

Surprisingly, many have even expressed understanding of the need for me to go public with the Perak DAP “issue”.

I am indeed very touched by their kind and encouraging words.

Let me nevertheless again reassure everyone that despite the challenges and problems, frustration and even vilification which I have to face, I shall remain committed to the Party’s cause.

I firmly believe that every Perak DAP comrade, whether a leader or a member has the duty and responsibility to ensure that good principles are observed and good practices maintained in the Party’s administration and organization matters.

I shall continue to play my part in this aspect.

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