Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Istanbul forum on the empowerment of women Building human security

I spoke at the Istanbul forum on empowerment of women building human security. 2 issues I spoke
on was 1) the trafficking of women and children and ) International Criminal Court
The forum was co-organized by Turkish Government , Parliamentarians for Global Action(PGA) and NGO's. Many Parliamentarians from all over the world attended the talk.
My speech as follows;

For a few years of late Malaysia has been in the watch list in the trafficking of women and children.

It has been estimated that at least 200 to 225k women n children are trafficked from Southeast Asia.
The majority 60o/o upon entering the country leave in no time but about 40o/o are distributed within in SEA

Crime in Malaysia manifests in various forms including drug trafficking money laundering fraud corruption black marketing n man others

Malaysia is a destination, supply and transit point for women and children trafficked for commercial sexual exploition. Women and girls from Burma Cambodia Indonesia Phollipines Thailand and Vietnam are trafficked to Malaysia. Malaysia is a transit country along Indonesia, Philippines and Thailand in Chinese human trafficking.

Migrants from countries in this region work as domestic servants and laborers in the construction ans agriculture and face exploitative conditions. It is said that human trafficking is big business and it is said the business is worth some RM2billion
A) prostitution is illegal in malaysia. It is common to find many foreigners are in the illegal business.

Anti Trafficking in Persons Act was passed In 2007. The act has some weakness but in the overall it has been able to lower down the number of innocent people who are caught within the meaning of trafficking of humans.
We welcome the recent arrest of immigration officers who are suspected to be involved in the trafficking of humans.

International Criminal Court( ICC )

Pleased to note the involvement of Parliamentarians for Global Action(PGA) in the promotion of the Rome statute of the ICC.
ICC became a reality after the Rome Statute was formally agreed to the many countries which signed it in 1998.
The ICC has been mainly formed to handle issues where governments are reluctant to investigate and prosecute people who involved in genocide, crimes against humanity,ethnic cleansing, mass murders and rapes.

On the 28thMay2010 Minister in the PM Department DS Nazri announced in Kampala, Uganda that Malaysia will soon sign the Rome Statue of the ICC.

Last week I raised the matter of ICC membership in Parliament during the budget speech. I am given to understand the Foreign Minister will be tabling a report for approval to the cabinet soon.
To date over 100 countries have signed the Rome Statute. The reluctance and slowness by the Malaysian Government in becoming a member is most surprising!

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