Monday, September 20, 2010

Speech by M Kulasegaran, DAP National Vice Chairman and MP for Ipoh Barat at Melaka on Sunday, September 19, 2010

1. Call on the Government to set up an independent Committee to investigate whether there has been inefficiency, incompetency and even cover up in all earlier police investigations which were linked to the main suspects of Sosilawati killings.

Recently Malaysians have been told that the Police force has achieved success in reducing crime rate.

However, the Sosilawati killings have shocked the nation.

The general impression is that the Police have been efficient in solving the Sosilawati murders. Even the Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak has congratulated the police force for its efficiency in solving quickly the murders.

DAP strongly condemns such heinous crime. We also praise the Police efficiency in quickly solving the murders.

However, there have been public doubt and allegations about the Police’s lack of efficiency and competency in solving previous police reports lodged against the main suspects of Sosilawati killings.

Selangor police Chief Datuk Khalid Abu Bakar has revealed that new evidence has caused police to re-examine nine police reports lodged since 2005 against the lawyer brothers who are linked to the murders of Datuk Sosilawati Lawiya and three others.

He said seven of the reports were fraud and criminal breach of trust cases linked to land deals with loses estimated at RM7.1 million.

The remaining reports were criminal cases, involving the murder of a housewife here in 2008 and the disappearance of an Indian businessman in January this year.

Datuk Khalid ahs said that all nine reports were lodged at the Kuala Langat district police headquarters here.

When so many police reports have been made at the same Police station and are linked to the same persons, surely any efficient Police force will have taken extra and special efforts to fully probe the complaints.

The question that naturally and inevitably arises is therefore whether there has been inefficiency, incompetency or even cover up by the Police in the investigations into the above nine cases.

This question will not only tarnish the Police’s image, it will to some extent erode public confidence in the Police force.

We must not allow public doubt to linger on and neither must any black sheep in the Police force be allowed to continue to spoil the Police’s name.

In fact, it is too dangerous to allow any black sheep to continue in the Police force.

Hence, I call on the government should set up an independent Committee to investigate whether there has been inefficiency, incompetency and even cover up in all earlier police reports which were linked to the main suspects of Sosilawati killings.

2. Call on the Indian voters to play their kingmaker role in the next general election

The nation just celebrated our 47th Malaysia Day two days ago. It was the first time that such a day was celebrated as a public holiday.

It ought to have been declared a public holiday 47 years ago. But the government is only willing to make it a public holiday when there is a political need.

The 2008 general election has seen the BN government suffering its worst electoral debacle. It would have suffered worse and more if strong Peninsular wind of change had then blown as strong in Sarawak and Sabah .

Sarawak has 31 parliamentary seats and Sabah 25 parliamentary seats. These two states are now far too important for BN and that is the reason why a public holiday was declared for Malaysia Day.

But BN will make a serious mistake if it thinks that a public holiday is enough to maintain its political support in Sabah and Sarawak .

The Prime Minister should know very well that a government elected by the people must serve all the people and people want development, fairness and justice.

Hence, he must walk the talk with his 1 Malaysia concept and slogan.

Has 1 Malaysia brought about real, concrete, quick and significant changes which Malaysians yearn for?

Has 1 Malaysia made all Malaysians feel that they and their children have equal place and opportunities under the Malaysian sun?

Recently, the Sitiawan Indian community even had to fight Government’s attempt to compulsorily acquire their Heritage land that was bought in the 19030’s with contribution by rubber tappers from Sitiawan and nearby estates.

But the unity and determination shown by the local community has forced the Government to back down.

This shows the power of unity and determination. This shows the people power.

The recent Australian general election had produced a hung Parliament and a few independent Members of Parliament became “Kingmakers” and decided which Party would form the government.

Although Indians constitutes 10 % of Malaysian population, we can still play the Kingmaker role as was evidenced in the last general election when Indian support helped Pakatan Rakyat to win state governments.

Come the next general election, let’s tell the BN that 1 Malaysia slogan is nice to hear, but it rings hollow.

Come the next election, the Indian voters should again play their kingmaker role by supporting Pakatan Rakyat to make Malaysia a better Malaysia for all Malaysians.

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  1. Dear YB Kulasegaran,

    I am a buntong boy and leaving in PJ and running my business here.
    I received a fairly distress call todya from my dad who lives in Buntong and he is worried to travel to KL nowadays to visit me because there is a huge numbe rof robberies occuring in Buntong.

    Namely: Jalan Bangalore, Jalan Mysore, Jalan New Delhi, Jalan Calcutta & inner roads of Jalan Sg Pari.

    Can you please assist the residents in ensuring their safety since the police rounds those days doesnt seem to materialize these days in Buntong.

    I hope you agree with me that most residents are retirees and old folks and their childrens are all else where residing...

    I hope you can resolve this with the Buntong Police Station and increase our parents & family safety.

    Thanking you in advance