Monday, August 30, 2010

Unless the police come clean, we have no alternative but to refer the hand cuffing and assault incident to SUHAKAM

On the 22nd August2010 I as legal adviser accompanied Mr. Shanmugam President of Dindings Indian Association to the Sitiawan (DIA) Police station to lodge a police report on the wrong doings on the management of DIA. Sdr. P.Sugumaran my former political secretary also followed us. We were stopped from entering the Police Station as it was barricaded with over 100 police man.

Racial slurs were herald at us heard from the police side. We heard to this effect “ you bloody Indians” which made the people present angry. This incident which took place at about 4pm on 22/8/10 would not have happened as the people had come merely to express their solidarity with us.

It was this insensitive and racist remark by a police officer which had caused unhappiness which finally resulted in me and Sugu being handcuffed. Sugu was subsequently detained and assaulted while under police custody.

In view of the fact that our call for an independent investigation into the whole incident has been ignored, we will lodge a complaint with Suhakam.

We fully support the Prime Minister 's position that there must be zero tolerance against people making racist remarks. It is even more dangerous if an enforcement officer commits such an of fence. Hence, we also want this to be fully investigated.

The Chief Police Office of Perak had earlier asked for proofs to substantiate the allegation and we repeat that the unedited video recording of the whole incident by the special branch officer will provide the proofs. .

Has the CPO viewed the recording? What does he have to say now and will he make public the unedited recording?

We also repeat that if need be, we will take legal avenue to ensure justice is done.

To day we are present at IPD Sri Manjung to show support and solidarity with P.Sugumaran. On the 22August he was arrested and asked to appear at the IPD today for renewal of police bail.

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