Thursday, August 26, 2010

SK Simpang Empat should be renamed as SK Gandhi

I spoke at the Gandhi Hall, Sitiawan at 7pm last night. Other speakers include Prof Ramasamy, YB SivaKumar , Shanmugam DIA President and others.
I was surprised with the turn out. In fact i was touched by the turnout. We collected RM1,200 as donation for Sugumaran who was injured while in police custody.
The hall was packed and many people were out side on the field listening to us.
We also promised to organize a victory gala event soon. my speech is as follows:
25th August 2010 will go down history as a day many cannot forget . It is especially a proud day for the Indian community of Sitiawan.
Today is supposed to be the day for the BN government’s compulsory acquisition of the Indian Heritage land measuring 2.2hectars.
If the acquisition has been successful, the hopes and dreams of those who had contributed towards the purchase of this great heritage property will have been destroyed.
In the 1930's, ordinary Indian laborers from over 35 estates in Sitiawan rallied to the call and contributed 2 straits dollars a month for 18 months to purchase the land.
Let's not forget at that time a labourer earned not more than an average of 12strarits dollars a month.
Such was the people’s r sacrifice and hence the land has historical and sentimental value to the Indian community.
Yet the BN government could be so insensitive to want to acquire it. But today has turned out to be a day where the government has to abandon its decision due to the strong objection by the community.
The government’s decision to back down is certainly a total victory for the united and determined community.
We must reiterate that under no circumstances, now or in future, shall the heritage land be acquired by the government.
Let me remind the government that the community is still hurt by its repulsive and insensitive attempt to acquire the land.
We demand that Perak Government apologise to the community. Rename the present school as SK Gandhi
Sekolah Kebangsaan Simpang Empat which sits on part of the land is a former English school.
It was built some time in 1950 and the initial idea was to educate the estate children in English.
The school was at all material time known as Gandhi school although officially it is known as SK Simpang Empat.
Even during and until the late 1970's, the name Gandhi was imprinted on the school exercise books. At the entrance of the school, the name Gandhi was prominently written.
Hence, the school should be renamed Sekolah Kebangsaan Gandhi.

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