Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The racist school head should be sacked for making racist remarks against non Malay students

According to today’s Chinapress report, Kulaijaya Deputy OCPD Deputy Supt Mohd Kamil Sukarmi said the case whereby a school head was alleged to make racist remarks against non Malay students was being investigated and that 17 reports had been lodged so far.

Chinapress also gave an outline of the incident.
The outline said that on August 12, students of a secondary school in Kulai, Johor have complained against the school head. The students alleged that she had said that if the students did not understand Bahasa Malaysia, they should go back to China and India.

She was alleged to have said that she could not understand why the Indian students need to wear so many bangles and she said that only dogs need to wear so many things.
It was also alleged that the school head had made “penumpang” remarks which angered the students.

I have checked with DAP members in Johor and was told the school involved is SMK Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra, Kulaijaya.

Today’s Star has also reported that the principal was alleged to have described non-Malays as penumpang in the country during her speech at the start of the Merdeka celebration last Thursday.

The news report also says that a 17-year-old student, Brevia Pan, told a press conference that the principal had told non-Malay students to go study in a Chinese school or go back to China.

The report continues to say:-

“The secondary school principal, meanwhile, was jeered when she tried to apologise for her allegedly racist remark during an assembly.

The principal was forced to leave the assembly area at least twice in front of state education department officials, teachers, parents and students here yesterday.

Many parents want the woman to be removed from the school and face disciplinary action as she had caused tension among the students and teachers.”

This is not the first incident where teachers were alleged to make racist remarks. It is time that the Government must view such complaint with utmost seriousness and mete out the severest punishment.

Racist teachers are not fit to be in the teaching profession and an apology or a transfer to another school is not sufficient.

Since the school head has tried to apologise over her racist remarks, this means that the complaints against her are not baseless.

Hence, I call on the Education Ministry to mete out the severest disciplinary action against her.

She should be sacked from her job.

I also note that The Star has reported that the Deputy Education Minister Dr Puad Zarkashi has said that he had spoken to the state education director and he was informed that it was a misunderstanding and the issue had been resolved with the principal apologising and visiting all the classrooms to explain the situation.

Dr Puad must not just rely on the State Education Department‘s report. He should personally visit the school and talk to the students and parents to find out the truth.

There must not be cover up. This is a serious issue which must be dealt with seriously.

In fact, the Education Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin and his two deputies are all from the state of Johor. It is inexcusable if none of them could meet the parents and students to listen to their complaints.

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