Monday, August 23, 2010

Police detain Kula after crowd turns unruly

Star news paper at page 23 headline of my news reads as "Police detain Kula after crowd turns unruly" but Star on line news head line reads as follows
"MP arrested amid commotion at police station"
The full news in the Star paper

IPOH: Ipoh Barat MP M. Kulasegaran and his former political secretary P. Sugumaran were arrested in Sitia­wan after a commotion erupted when police refused to allow a large group of people into the police station.
The group, comprising members of the Dinding India Association (DIA), had wanted to lodge a police report yesterday over alleged mismanagement in the movement.
The police, however, ruled that not all can enter the station and this irked the DIA members.
In the ensuing commotion, Kulasegaran and Sugumaran were arrested at 4pm. The duo were released several hours later.
The DAP vice-chairman said he and Sugumaran had accompanied DIA president P. Shanmugan to lodge the report.
He alleged that some unidentified policemen had uttered a racist remark which angered the group.
Kulasegaran also claimed that Sugumaran was assaulted by the police while in custody.
Some 10 minutes later, Kulasega­ran said Manjung OCPD Asst Comm Mohd Jamil Osman arrived and apologised, saying the police had wrongly handcuffed him.
“Sugumaran was eventually released on police bail of RM2,000 at 8.30pm. He was brought to the Manjung Specialist Centre and admitted for his injury,” he said.
Kulasegaran had lodged a report at the Sitiawan police station over the incident.
ACP Mohd Jamil, when contacted, confirmed the arrests. He said the crowd, numbering about 150 as opposed to Kulasega­ran’s claim of 1,000, had demanded to accompany Shanmugan into the station.
“However, the police told them that only a few were allowed to enter. During the negotiation, the crowd became unruly,” he said.
To defuse the situation, the police arrested Kulasegaran and Suguma­ran, adding that both were released after their statements were recorded.
ACP Mohd Jamil declined to comment over the alleged racist remark made. However, he denied Suguma­ran had been assaulted while in custody.
He said the crowd did not have any police permit to gather in the area.

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