Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Police deny using force on gathering in front of Sitiawan Police Station

Bernama the official news agency carried a report saying that Perak CPO denies using force and racist remarks on those who gathered to lodged police reports last Sunday.
We refute the Chief Police Officers sweeping statement that police “deny using force and racist remarks”.
He further says we have to show proof for him to take action, if any? If the police need proof the following evidence should help:
1) the crowd present can be called and they will vouch what happened
2) The were Special Branch/police officers who carried out video shooting of the whole incident. This unedited Video will speak volumes. In the interest of justice and fair play is the police ready to make this video public?
We are not unperturbed with the CPO’s statement. If every thing fails then we will file legal proceeding against the police force to redress the wrong
Bernama's full report:
LUMUT, Aug 23 (Bernama) -- Police on Monday denied using force on members of an organisation who had gathered in front of the Sitiawan police station on Sunday.Perak police chief Datuk Zulkifli Abdullah said the group's claim that police had used force and racist words while preventing them from barging into the police station was baseless and aimed at tarnishing the image of the police force."I strongly refute the allegation," he said to reporters after a dialogue with Sime Darby Plantation management, here Monday."As a professional law-enforcement agency, the police have been trained to face any eventuality, including pressure.He was asked to comment on an illegal assembly by members of the Dindings Indians Association in front of the police station when they wanted to lodge a report on the association's internal problems.In the incident, police arrested two members of the group, Ipoh Barat member of parliament M. Kulasegaran and his former political secretary, P. Sukumaran.Zulkfili said those who made the allegation against the police should provide proof and the police were prepared to investigate and take action against the police personnel involved."This is a serious allegation which could cause anger, particularly among the Indian community," he noted.He said based on the report received, police had acted in a proper manner by preventing the group who had illegally gathered in front of the police station from barging in as police had earlier asked their representatives to come into the station to lodge their report.-- BERNAMA

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