Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Perak Mentri Besar should apologise for the intended acquisition of the Indian heritage land in Sitiawan.

Together with the Committee Members of the Dindings Indian Association and concerned citizens, I had this morning called over to Sri Manjung land office to get official confirmation if the acquisition of the Indian Heritage land has been cancelled.
We met the District officer Ahmad bin Shafee and had discussion with him. He confirmed that the acquisition has been cancelled and the letter to that effect has been issued. A copy of the letter was pasted outside the land office.
We conveyed to him the local community’s position that the heritage land is not for sale or to be taken over.
He said that the Government’s decision to acquire the land was to rebuild the school. We told him that it is okay to rebuild the school but compulsory acquisition of the 2 hectare land is totally unacceptable.
We asserted that this is the Indian heritage land which has significant historical and sentimental value to the local community and it is also the only land around which the community can proudly say as theirs.
Such an insensitive, unnecessary and unjustifiable move by the Government has come as a shock to the community. The intended acquisition has hurt the feelings of the community. It is therefore insufficient for the Perak Mentri Besar Datuk Zamry to just announce the decision to abandon the intended acquisition.
It is also inadequate for him to explain that the acquisition was due to an Education Ministry official who apparently was unaware of the sentimental value of the land to the Indian community.
Datuk Zamry should therefore apologise for the intended acquisition which is repulsive and unacceptable to the community.

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