Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Hand cuffing and Arrest by the police of Sugumaran and myself

Bernama the official news agency has carried a report saying that Perak CPO has denied that the Police had used force and racist remarks on those who gathered to lodged police reports last Sunday.
We refute the Chief Police Officer’s sweeping statement and swift denial.
He has been reported to further say that we have to show proof for him to take action, if any?
Let me say that if the police needs proof, the following evidence should help:-
1) the crowd present can be called and they will be cooperate to tell what actually happened
2) There were Special Branch officers who carried out video shooting of the whole incident. This unedited Video will speak volumes.
Hence, if the CPO wants any proof, he should know where to find it. In the interest of justice and fair play, the Police should make the video recording public.
If need be, we will file legal proceeding against the police force for handcuffing me and arresting and injuring P.Sugumaran( my former political sec)

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