Thursday, August 19, 2010

Government should apoliogize to the Indian community. Would they?

Perak Menteri Besar Datuk Zamry‘s yesterday’s announcement that the Perak state government has decided to withdraw its plan to compulsory acquire the Dindings Indian Heritage land in Sitiawan is most welcomed by the local community.

Zamry did not acknowledge any mistakes or wrongs by his administration on the proposed acquisition. Rather he shifted and blamed an education ministry officer and he said that it was “an oversight by an education ministry officer, who had overlooked the historical value of the land to the Indian community thus resulting in the proposed acquisition”

However, is Zamry saying that the Perak Government State Indian Affairs adviser Dato Veersingam was in the dark too? Or it was a case the representative was aware, but just went along with the state decision to acquire the land?

However as the revocation has yet to become official, the Committee Against the Acquisition of Heritage Land has decided to go ahead with the submission of the earlier prepared Memorandum of Protest to the Manjung Land Administrator.

The memorandum also serves to put on record the stand, sentiment and demands of the local community over the acquisition Indian heritage land.

The local Indian community is asking the whole heritage land be declared as “little India ” site. It’s hope this declaration could be the base for further and future growth of Indian Culture and the like. It is hoped the Government will assist financially and

The community is in fact still angry and hurt that both the Federal and Perak state governments could have been so insensitive and unfair to initiated moves to acquire the heritage land which has historical and sentimental value to the community.

Hence, the BN Federal and Perak State Government should apologise to the Sitiawan Indian community over their insensitive, unnecessary, unfair and unjustifiable attempt to acquire Dindings Indian Heritage land.

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