Friday, August 6, 2010

Call on the MBI to extend the August 28 th deadline for public feedback on the Local Plan 2020 be extended by at least one month.

Last night, DAP Ipoh Barat office organized the first discussion on the proposed Ipoh City Local Plan 2020.

Over 20 people from all walks of life attended and participated in the fruitful discussion. This was our first group discussion. More will be held later.

Among the issues which the group felt need to be addressed by the Majlis Bandaraya Ipoh (MBI) are:-

Inner City Housing

1)MBI should renovate or rebuild the Waller Court Flats and the Sg. Pari flats.

These flats were built sometime in the early 60’s and they are now in a rundown situation. Many of these flats are now vacant or just inhabitable. After rebuilding, the flats could be resold to the tenants and the rest could be rented out to the people who need them.Presently, Ipoh old town is literally dead in the night. We need to bring life into this part of the town by housing people in the center of the city.

Car Parks for old town

2)MBI should put up multi story car parks and or to build an underground car park at the Ipoh Padang. Ipoh Old town has been severely affected in its business as there is an acute shortage of car parks. Over 60 car bays were done away with the beautification of Sg.Kinta and when Peoples Park was renovated into a “mini park” in 2004.

LRT for Ipoh

3)MBI should implement LRT the soonest possible.The British system of trains which are underground based should be considered. MBI has proposed that the main hub for the LRT to be in Meru but as the KTM and central bus station are based in the City proper, it would be better if the main hub is based in the City Center . Additionally, the LRT should be more connective like to Buntong, Bercham Ipoh Garden , Chemor and Tambun

The group discussion also made the following decisions and suggestions:-

a. As the Local Plan is technical in nature, some experts namely City planners should be invited to address future group discussions.

b. To write to MBI asking them to give a date for discussion on the Local Plan.

c. To request MBI to carry out extensive publicity on the Local Plan and even carry out mobile unit to explain how the Plan will affect/ benefit the people of Ipoh .

d. As the Plan is quite exhaustive and technical, more time should be given for public feedback and hence MBI should extend the closing date of 28 August 2010 by at least one month.

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