Monday, July 26, 2010

Dialogue session and meeting with Kg. Tai Lee squatters

The Ipoh Barat DAP visited and had a dialogue session with the Kg. Tai lee resident committee. The DAP was represented by M.Kula MP Ipoh Barat, Dr. Jayabalan and Sugumaran Chairman Kinta Valley Branch. The resident committee was represented by over 10 residents.
The primary discussion was the issue of housing lots/ flats to be given to them by the State authorities. The total number of families residing in the area exceeds 50.

They are the 3rd generations residing on the said private land which is with the Ipoh City area.

We showed the resident committee members the proposed area where the lots/flats would be given to them by the authorities. Although numerous promises has been made but the people have only to date got assurances but the lots/flats have not materialize.

In this context we have now made arrangement to meet the relevant authorities tomorrow to ascertain as to when the 50 odd squatters would be provided with state housing or lots to resettle them.

We hope our meeting tomorrow will bear some fruite and this long time issue can be resolved.

Urban squatters is a majour problem in Malaysia. The State Government should find a long term solution to the Kg. Tai Lee squatter problem

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