Monday, July 5, 2010

Call on the Indian voters to continue to play their king maker role and bring about the second political tsunami in the next general election

Speech by M Kulasegaran, DAP National Vice Chairman , Perak Deputy State Chairman and MP for Ipoh Barat, at DAP Ipoh Barat Tamil Dinner held at Dewan Han Kang, SJKC Yuh Hua, Buntong, Ipoh on Friday, July 2, 2010.

The 2008 general election saw the combined power of the Malay, Chinese and Indian voters in creating a political tsunami which caused Barisan Nasional’s its worst electoral debacle.

The people power unleashed by Malaysians who have longed for political change and a truly united, just and fair Malaysia has caused the BN to lose not only its traditional two thirds parliamentary majority but also the state power in Perak, Penang, Kelantan, Kedah and Selangor.

It cannot be denied that the Indian voters had played kingmaker and helped bring about an electoral outcome which shocked the entire nation.

Even MIC president Dato Samy Vellu who had served as a Minister for 28 years and had always appeared unconquerable was dislodged from his Sg Siput parliamentary seat.

Such was the people power and such was the power of the Indians’ kingmaker role!

Why did the Indians reject the BN and MIC?

Because enough is enough! Decades of marginalization are long enough.

The Indians had given the BN and MIC enough chance but the BN kept squandering the chances.

So in 2008, the Indians decided that it was time they should give themselves a chance.

They had through their votes sent the strongest message to the BN that they were totally fed up of being neglected and marginalized.

It has now been 2 years and 4 months since the last general election. But BN has not taken much heed of the political message sent by the Indian voters. No major and effective reform has been taken to address the long standing grievances of the Indian community.

Today, bright and deserving Indian students continue to be denied government scholarships. Despite the Prime Minister’s talk of 1 Malaysia , only 10 % of the matriculation college places have been opened up to non bumiputra students and many Indians have failed to gain admission.

SJKT Ladang Scot in Hulu Selangor had no piped water and TNB electricity supply for decades and it had only obtained the supply due to the occurrence of the recent by election where BN was desperate to woo the Indian votes.

If it was not because of the by election, the school’s plight would continue to be ignored.

In this regard, I wish to call on the present Pakatan Rakyat state governments to do their utmost to serve and assist the Indian community so as to provide them with the confidence that Pakatan Rakyat is a reliable and effective coalition that they can trust and continue to place their hopes on.

Of late, there has been increased speculation that the next general election will most likely be held in early 2011 because the Prime Minister is encouraged by his approval ratings whereby he has won increased support from the Malays and Indians.

While we may question the accuracy of public opinion survey, it is clear that, judging by the Bagan Pinang and Hulu Selangor by election results, Najib has managed to win back some Indian support since the last general election.

The Pakatan Rakyat’s electoral objectives to recapture Perak state power and to win the Federal power in the next general election cannot be achieved without the people power.

The Indian voters who have helped to create political tsunami in the next general election must therefore continue to play kingmaker.

I therefore call on the Indian voters to continue to play their kingmaker role and vote for change in the next general election so as to bring about the second political tsunami and make Malaysia a better place for themselves and all Malaysians.

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