Sunday, May 9, 2010

Women hold up half the sky

Today is Mothers Day and celebrations are held in various ways in many parts of the world to honour mothers.

Mothers are indeed special people and lets wish a very happy mothers day to all mothers in the world.

To all the mothers who have suffered and scarified for their families, I salute you.

On this day, I recall an ancient Chinese proverb which is more popularly attributed to the Chinese leader, the late Mao Tzu Tong.

The proverb is "Women hold up half the sky".

This proverb shows the importance and role of the women. Most important of all, it shows the power of the women.

Without the brave and encouraging support of the women votes, the political tsunami of the 2008 general election would not have been possible.

Because of the strong women support for change, the Barisan Nasional's traditional political hegemony of parliamentary two thirds majority had been smashed.

So while we celebrate events to honour the greatest people -- mothers, let us all not forget too the role and contribution Malaysian mothers and women have made towards political reforms in this nation.

The coming general election is a very crucial battle where the Pakatan Rakyat's objectives are to recapture the Perak state power , but also to battle for Putrajaya.

We should therefore always remember the slogan " Women hold up half the sky" and not only get more women to vote for Pakatan Rakyat but also to get more of them to be directly involved in our preparation for the objectives of PR's coming electoral objectives.

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