Tuesday, May 18, 2010

" People First, Performance Now" or ' Votes First, Performance Later" , YAB Prime Minister?

The Sibu voters created history on May 16 when they elected DAP's candidate Wong Ho Leng as their new Member of Parliament .

Before nomination day, BN leaders had openly said that they could retain Sibu as it was always BN's traditional stronghold. The Prime Minister Dato Seri Najib had also often talked about Sarawak and Sabah seats being BN's "fixed deposits".

Najib had personally campaigned in the by election and in fact, he visited Sibu thrice. He played Santa Claus and dished out huge government allocations.

Despite the blatant practice of money politics by BN, the courageous Sibu voters decided to vote for change.

There is a political now that while BN candidate did not and could not lose his candidate deposit, BN nevertheless lost its " fixed deposit".

One question that many Malaysians are now asking is whether Najib will sign the RM 5 mil cheque for flood mitigation projects in Rajang Park.

On the polling day eve, he had announced in Rajang Park that he would sign a cheque for flood mitigation projects in the area, provided Sibu voters “deliver” him BN candidate Robert Lau in the following day's polling.

When asked by the media yesterday as to whether he would sign the cheque, Najib did not make any commitment.

Let me remind Najib that if he does not sign the cheque, not only he will be seen as being petty, his commitment to his " People First,, Performance Now" slogan will be questioned.

What credibility will such slogan have if he is not prepared to solve flood problem faced by the people? Should people's problems be solved only if they vote for BN?

My question to the Prime Minister is whether his slogan is still ' People First", Performance Now " or has it become " Votes First, Performance Later"?

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