Sunday, May 16, 2010

How long will the nation go on without any SUHAKAM commissioners, Mr. PM?

Wisma Putra has in a statement announced that Malaysia was re-elected to the United Nations Human Rights Council (HRC) on Thursday when the United Nations General Assembly elected 14 new members to replace outgoing members of the council.

The statement said that Malaysia garnered 179 votes or 95.2 per cent out of 188 countries that were present and had voted at the election and the high number of votes obtained reflected the confidence of the international community in Malaysia 's ability to play a positive and constructive role in the HRC.

"It is also an acknowledgement of our contribution towards enriching the quality of dialogue, cooperation and action aimed at advancing the promotion and protection of human rights globally," it also said in the statement released.

" Malaysia 's election to the council also signifies that the international community recognises and appreciates Malaysia 's commitment to respect and uphold the inalienable and indivisible nature of all human rights, both at the international and domestic levels," the statement added.

But back in Malaysia , the federal government has not appointed any new Suhakam commissioner after the term for Suhakam chairman Tan Sri Abu Talib Othman and his 15 commissioners ended on April 23.

I wonder what will be our Foreign Minister's response if he was asked by the foreign media as to why Malaysia could not appoint any new Suhakam commissioners till today.

On April 21, The Star reported that the Suhakam Selection Committee – established under an amendment to the Suhakam Act last year – had finalised nine candidates for the new team on April 16 and submitted it to the Government for the Prime Minister to consider and recommend to the Yang di-Pertuan Agong for appointment.

Why then is there such a long delay in making the new appointment? Has the Prime Minister Dato Seri Najib forgotten about his “Performance Now" slogan?

If this does not reflect the inefficiency of the government's administration, it certainly shows the lack of the government's sincere commitment towards Suhakam and respect for human rights.

How long will the nation go on without any Suhakam commissioners, Mr Prime Minister?

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