Friday, May 28, 2010

Call on more women to join the DAP and become the DAP's “Hua Mulan “to champion for all Malaysians - 23/05/2010

All new prime ministers love new slogans. But today, people only remember Mahathir's ABC (Amanah, Bersih dan Cekap) as Air Batu Campur. Abdullah adopted Cemerlang, Gemilang dan Terbilang. But today not many people can remember this anymore. Even BN MPs don’t talk about it anymore.

When Najib became PM, he introduced his " 1 Malaysia , People First, Performance Now” slogan. But is he able to walk the talk?

If Malaysia is truly 1 Malaysia , all Malaysians must be Malaysian First and government policies must be color blind. But is this the case?

If Najib is committed to his "People First, Performance Now” slogan, then there is no need for the BN government to make so much urgent allocations to schools during by elections only.

But now Najib's has got a new slogan whenever there is a by election. He will make deal with the voters with his “you help me, I help you" talk.

In the Hulu Selangor by election, he made such a deal with the voters, promising to allocate RM 3 mil to SJKC Rasa if BN won the by election. In the recent Sibu by election, he told the Sibuans that he would allocate RM 5 mil for flood mitigation projects in Rejang Park if the voters " deliver' a BN victory.

But the voters did not want such a deal. More voters in Rasa supported Pakatan Rakyat candidate Zaid Ibrahim. In Sibu, the people created a political miracle by electing DAP"s Wong Ho Leng as their new Member of Parliament.

Najib should know by now that the voters will not accept such a deal. Such kind of deal is in fact a repudiation of his own “People First, Performance Now ' slogan. Such deal will only mean his slogan has become “Votes First, Performance Later".

After the Hulu Selangor and Sibu by elections, some people have asked “what do the Chinese want or still want?"

Let me tell the BN leaders and these people what the Chinese and Malaysians want. They want development but they want justice, democracy, human rights, fairness and equality more.

When more and more Malaysians are prepared to make such demands through the power of their votes, we will see the rise of People Power that can topple the BN government in the general elections.

The DAP's Sibu victory has shown again that People Power could create political miracle, just like how Perakians created political miracle in the 2008 general election when they threw out the BN state government.

Let us all work hard to ensure that People Power will rise again in the next general election, not only to make Datuk Zamry the state opposition leader, but to ensure the success of Pakatan Rakyat's battle for Putrajaya.

DAP must therefore form more branches and recruit more members and strengthen our election machinery.

There is a Chinese folk tale about a female warrior named Hua Mulan who disguised herself as a man and joined the army to fight in place of her father who was conscripted into the army.

She was a brave fighter and fought in combat for 12 years and her bravery made her a very famous heroine of Chinese folk tales.

Since the birth of the DAP in 1966, there have been many DAP “Hua Mulan"- wanita members who have fought along side the male members to make Malaysia a just and better place for all.

Since joining DAP, our elected representative for Jalung, Sdri Leong Mei Meng has proven herself to be a “Hua Mulan” who has fought DAP’s cause bravely and served the people well.

I call on more women to join the DAP and become the DAP's “Hua Mulan “to champion for all Malaysians.

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