Sunday, February 28, 2010

Has MCA become an aggressive tiger in the Tiger year or is it still a sick cat which cannot deliver?

In December 2007, I had thrown a challenge to the MCA on the question of building an additional primary Chinese school in Bercham.

I stated that if the MCA could secure the necessary approvals, I would undertake to raise the money from the local community to build the urgently needed school.

But till today, the MCA has not been able to deliver.

In fact, I was merely counter challenged the MCA when on the 20th of December 2007, I had publicly accepted the challenge by the then Exco member YB Ho Chang Wang to build a new Chinese school in Bercham.

Although it was absurd for a government Exco to make such a challenge as ought to be the responsibility of the government to build a new school, I nevertheless took up his challenge.

I gave him 14 days to get the necessary approvals from the relevant authorities following which the DAP would commence the construction of the new school.

But MCA cannot deliver when counter challenged although one MCA Member of Parliament is the Deputy Minister of Education and there are four MCA Cabinet Ministers!

So the lesson that Ho Chang Wang should learn is never to simply throw a challenge.

He too must always remember what the present MCA president Datuk Ong Tee Keat had many years ago commented about MCA’s position in the Barisan Nasional coalition government --that MCA was “dang jia bu dang quan (当家不当权) ” which means “in office but not in power”.

It is obvious to all that due to the high demand and overcrowding in other nearby schools, a new primary Chinese school be built in Bercham.

In fact a secondary Chinese school needs to be built in this area too to cater for the increasing number of students as there is no secondary Chinese school around Bercham at all.

MCA can choose to ignore my challenge but I will not forget my responsibility as the peoples’ elected representative.

I will bring the aspirations and voices of the Bercham voters on the issue of additional schools to the Parliament meeting session which will begin in March.

I challenge the MCA Members of Parliament to give me their support when I bring up the issue in Parliament.

Let’s see whether MCA has become an aggressive tiger in the Tiger year or is it still a sick cat which cannot deliver..






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