Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Let the voters who can see the results that the PR government has delivered know that their right decision is to continue to support the PR.

A big crowd attended the DAP open house which began at 7.30pm and was held at Puchong, Selangor.

Among those who attended were CM Lim Guan Eng, DCM Ramasamy, Yb Kit Siang,YB Gobind, Yb Hanna, YB A.Sivanesan, YB Therase Kok, Yb Ronnie Liew, YB Tony Puah and many other leaders.
I delivered a speech which is as follows:
The Prime Minister has earlier declared UMNO's objective to take back the Selangor power. But the big majority held by the Pakatan Rakyat( PR) in the Selangor State Assembly will not allow a repeat of the seizure of Perak power to take place here.

Nevertheless, PR must be fully prepared to fight the BN when the next general election arrives.

Opposition parliamentary leader Anwar Ibrahim' s declaration of war to defend Selangor from being taken back by the Barisan Nasional is a necessary and strategic move which shows that PR is fully aware of the tough fight that we will face in Selangor.

We must never underestimate our political foes. We must also be fully aware of the challenges we face.

If anything, the recent Bagan Pinang by election result whereby the BN candidate won with an unexpected huge 5435 majority , sweeping all 8 polling streams, should serve as a wake up call to the PR, especially PR Selangor.

Many political analysts and bloggers have penned their views on the reasons for PR's loss in the by election as well as lessons that PR must learn. These valid views must be taken seriously and serve as PR lessons.

A major reason for PR 's loss cited is the open inter party spat among PR component parties. I am glad that PR leadership has addressed this issue.

An important view made is that PR state governments must be able to deliver, especially to the Indian community who have given their significant support to PR in the last general election.

We must be concerned that Merdeka Centre conducted surveys have shown that BN has gained significant Indian support since Najib became the new Prime Minister.

It is therefore imperative that the Selangor government will have to introduce more, concrete and beneficial policies for the betterment of the Indian community, be they in the fields of education, economy, culture , civil service employment etc.

Let the PR supporters rejoice and the BN voters envy about the tangible, significant benefits and improvement that a PR government can bring to the Selangor Indian community who have long been marginalised by the BN government, whether at state or federal levels.

Indeed, results will be our best defence against the BN attacks. Results will continue to make Selangor the PR fortress and smash BN's to recapture it.

By saying so, I do not mean that the Selangor state government has not done anything for the Indian community, but we must never forget the formidable challenges we face-- the expectations from a long marginalised community and the advantages that BN will gain from the " new Prime Minister factor".

Past election records have shown that voters tend to accept a new Prime Minister more willingly and are therefore prepared to support him on the basis of" lets give him chance and see what he can do".

There is no time to waste. PR Selangor must begin to make all out preparation for the next general election. When the election arrives, PR Selangor will have to be able to tell the voters, especially the Indian voters --- we have proven what we can do , give yourselves and the PR another chance to move on together.

Let the voters know that their voting decision is not to squander their chance on the BN coalition which have failed them . Let the voters who can see the results
that the PR government has delivered know that their right decision is to continue to support the PR.

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