Monday, November 2, 2009

Government must answer two questions about the RM 300 million collected from AP charges.

In presenting his 2010 Budget in Parliament on 23.10.2009 , the Prime Minister Dato Seri Najib has said , " Following liberalisation and our international commitments, the Government will implement a more open automotive policy. For this, the Government will impose a sum of RM10,000 for each approved permit (AP) to open AP holders, for the distribution of AP in 2010. This proposal will be effective from 1 January 2010. A portion of this collection will be channelled to the Bumiputera development fund in the automotive sector."

While answering an oral question in Parliament on 27.10.2009, Minister of International Trade and Industry Dato Mustapha Mohamed has revealed that the government expects to receive a total of RM 300 million from the AP charges imposed . He said a big portion will be utilised to help the bumiputras in the automotive sector.

Two questions which deserve answers are as follows:

1. why is it that under 1 Malaysia concept , the RM 300 million cannot be utilised to help all in the automotive sector irrespective of their race?

2. why has the government imposed a sum of RM 10,000 for each AP, a sum that is well below the a market price?

In his Budget speech, the Prime Minister has stressed that the 1Malaysia concept, People First, Performance Now, is a continuous effort in strengthening unity among the rakyat. He said the concept is based on positive values centred on social justice and acceptance of a multiracial society.

If truly 1 Malaysia concept is based on acceptance of a multiracial society, why is it that Najib is not prepared to prove his sincerity and seriousness by implementing color blind policies and measures?

Isn't the measure of channeling a big portion of the RM 300 million to the Bumiputra development goes against the very principle of 1 Malaysia concept which should ensure that all Malaysians will have an equal place and enjoy equal opportunities under the Malaysian sun?

It is not a secret that the market price of an AP is worth at least RM 25000 to RM 30,000. Why then has the government come up with the figure of RM 10,000 per AP?

I will raise these two questions when I take the floor to debate the 2010 Budget next week.

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