Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Beng Hock's second autopsy-- Malaysia and the world are waiting. .

Determined to find the truth and to see justice prevailed, Sdr Beng Hock's family made the difficult decision to have his body exhumed for second autopsy.

The second autopsy was carried out on November 22 at Sg Buluh Hospital. Yesterday, Sdr Beng Hock was reburied.

Beng Hock' s younger sister , Lee Lan was quoted by the Malaysian Insider as follows:-

“My family is a little relieved now that he has been reburied."

“We hope those who killed him will be found and that there will be justice for him."

The exhumation must have brought so much pain for the family.But the family made a decision which was wise and necessary.

Malaysians are now waiting anxiously for the results of the second autopsy.

In fact, not only Malaysia is waiting, the world is also waiting as Beng Hock's issue has become international news.

Lets hope that truth and justice will prevail.

Rest in peace, Sdr Beng Hock.

The crowd around the burial site for Teoh Beng Hock.

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