Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Makkal Sakti Party - a "new" party that sounds like the MIC, looks like the MIC, but it's not the MIC?

The Prime Minister's acceptance to launch the Malaysia Makkal Sakti Party (MMSP) on October 10 is not a real surprise to many who have been following political development in the country.

Since assuming the post as Malaysia's sixth Prime Minister, Najib who has realised that he cannot rely on MCA and MIC to regain the non Malay support for Barisan Nasional (BN), has embarked on a strategy to woo non Malay support directly.

What surprises though is that while MMSP President R. S. Thanenthiran claims that they are an independent party, yet he is so quick and eager to show MMSP's support for BN.

Thanenthiran should ask himself these questions:-

1. Will a truly independent political party invite the BN Prime Minister to officiate its launching?

2. Will a truly independent party say they are working with the Prime Minister as partners?

3. Will a truly independent party pledge support for the BN in the upcoming Bagan Pinang by election?

4. Will a truly independent party have its application of formation approved by the Registrar of Societies "within a matter of weeks"?

It is therefore no surprise that the former Prime Minister Tun Mahathir says that MMSP could be Barisan Nasional’s trump card in regaining the support of the Indian community with the MIC losing grassroots support.

No wonder a reader has commented in a news portal that MMSP is a "new" party that sounds like the MIC, looks like the MIC, but it's not the MIC!

Thanenthiran must bear in mind that he could hijack the Makkal Sakti slogan, but he can never hijack the Makkal Sakti spirit.

Anyone or political party that betrays the spirit , hopes and sacrifices of Makkal Sakti will and must be rejected by the Indian community.

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