Monday, September 28, 2009

Lantern festive event on 27th September 2009

The Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib said last night that the 1Malaysia Lantern Festival will be made an annual event and promoted as one of the country’s tourism products.

The Prime Minister also said that by organising this event, “we do not only accept the diversity of our multi-racial society but also celebrate the uniqueness of Malaysia.”

He further said the event was in line with the 1Malaysia concept and expressed hope it would be seen as another brick built upon national unity towards the concept.

It seems that following the launch of his 1 Malaysia concepts, many things and events are going to be called 1 Malaysia or interpreted as 1 Malaysia.

When a new trust fund was set up recently, it was called Amanah Saham 1 Malaysia .

Hari Raya open houses have been around for a long time , now Najib says it is manifestation of the 1 Malaysia concepts.

When Malaysia set up its own FI racing team , it will be called 1 Malaysia F1. Millions of taxpayer’s money would be spent to organize this event. Good money thrown away!

What actually is 1 Malaysia ? Many people are still unclear what it means. Some people have joked that does it means that were previously two or three Malaysia ?

Najib had explained before that the basis of 1Malaysia was the principle of justice for all races, and this meant that all the people would be taken care of and no one would be marginalised.

Why has the FI racing team to do with justice for all races? Has 1 Malaysia replaced our nation's name called Malaysia? Why can’t it be simply called Malaysia F1 team?

If 1 Malaysia is truly a concept where there is justice for all, it must mean there is equality for all. Every Malaysian, irrespective of race and religion must have an equal place under the Malaysian sun.

Many BN government's policies do not reflect and are not consistent with 1 Malaysia concept. Come next election, Najib must be judged not how loud or often he has shouted the 1 Malaysia slogans, but whether the government policies are just to all.

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