Thursday, September 17, 2009

Police needs to address the problems of illegal jaga kereta and high crime rates

Local business community around the Ipoh Central Market area have complained that illegal jaga kereta has become a nuisance to the extent that even motorcyclists are forced to pay parking fees. When the motorcyclists refuse to pay, they will be threatened. In many instances, sticks are used by the illegal jaga kereta to extort parking fees.

Business community also in the process suffers, as customers are reluctant to frequent areas where illegal jaga kereta operate. Mr Kwan Chun Weng, the owner of Sin Meng Kee, a very well known vegetarian shop, has said that his business has been affected and he has also been threatened by the illegal jaga kereta.

Together with DAP Pasir Pinji branch chairman Mr.Lee Kin Chiew, my political secretary Sdr. Tanabalan, I had visited the affected areas. We had asked the local authority parking enforcement personnel to be present.

As we were discussing with Mr. Kwan Chun Weng, we saw an illegal jaga kereta demanding parking fee from a motorist. Immediately the parking enforcement officers sprang into action and the illegal jaga kereta was arrested and handed over to the police.

I later rang the local police head DSP Glean who agreed to ensure better security around the area immediately. Kuan also informs us that in the last 3 years 6 breakins has taken place to his shop. The Jaga kereta chaps are suspected to be involved in the breakins.

The 2005 Royal Commission to Enhance the Operation and Management of the Royal Malaysian Police Police has recommended that Police Department to take steps to arrest the alarming increase of crime rate in the country.

However, Crime statistics from 1997-2004 have gone up by 29%. From 2004-2008, the Crime Index has increased by 35.5%. Incidences of crime for 2007 and 2008 are 209,582 and 211, 645 cases respectively.

The Royal Commission recommended that crime cases should decrease by at least 20% per year. But the opposite is happening!

Public confidence in the Police Force will continue to erode unless stern steps are taken to bring down the crime rate in the country. For a start, uniform police officers must be patrolling the streets openly and better still walking around.

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