Monday, September 14, 2009

Can MIC assure that the Indian community will no longer be wounded ?

Obviously unhappy with what seemed to be the Prime Minister's hint at 63rd MIC congress that he was not popular with the people, MIC president Dato Samy Vellu had said that the Indian community did not vote for BN in the last general election because they were fed-up with it and not with him.

"We cannot forget one important point... the Indian community was wounded for many years. No approaches (were made) by the government to see what was the problem. Now they (the government) are very interested to see something done. If we had done it five, 10 or 15 years ago, what is happening today would not have happened," he said, according to the Sunday's NST report.

The questions which Samy did not address are:

1. why did he choose to stay on in the BN if the government did not help the Indians for so many years ?

2. was he not admitting that the BN and MIC had failed the Indians?

3. would he now be critical of the government if MIC had not suffered its worst electoral debacle in the 2008 March elections?

4. why did it take him so long to admit that BN had failed the Indian community?

In May last year, former Gerakan president Dato Seri Lim Kheng Yaik had told Sin Chew Daily that BN component parties like MCA, MIC and Gerakan ended up with status like that of beggars as they were not treated as equal partners in the BN coalition.

How effective could " beggar ministers' like Lim Kheng Yaik and Samy Vellu be? It is therefore no wonder that Samy, despite having been the longest serving MIC minister in the Cabinet, has failed the Indian community.

Since MIC has chosen to remain in the BN , is Samy now prepared to declare that MIC will not accept BN's beggar politics anymore? How is he going to assure that the Indian community who have been wounded for many years will no longer be wounded?

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