Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Are you serious, MACC?

A Sept 5 Bernama report has said that the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) will monitor campaigns carried out by candidates and the MIC party election process to be held on Sept 12 and 13 to curb political corruption.

The MACC 's move was being taken following a front-page report in a Tamil newspaper, Malaysian Nanban headlined "RM300 for MIC delegates in Melaka", that claimed that MIC delegates from the state were given the money as well as a compact disc by a candidate contesting in the party election.

The Commission also urged any delegate who had been offered cash to vote for the candidate concerned to lodge a report with the MACC so that further action could be taken.

I have two questions for the MACC. Firstly, will they carry out investigation on their own initiative irrespective of whether a report is lodged? Secondly, have they started investigations into the allegation made by MIC president that there was vote buying at the MIC Youth and Wanita elections held on 16.8.2009.

There have been past cases where MACC have initiated investigations following media report of alleged corruption, so there should be no reason why MACC cannot act on their own and investigate the alleged corruption reported by Malaysian Nanban.

Before announcing the results of the MIC Youth and Wanita polls held on 16.8.2009 , MIC president Dato Seri Samy Vellu was reported to have warned the 500 delegates that certain members were dabbling in money politics which was creeping into the party. The NST report also mentioned that Samy had said he had identified the culprits and would take actions against them.

If till today MACC have not started investigations into the allegation exposed by MIC president , how is MACC going to convince the people that they will take the " RM300 for MIC delegates in Melaka" claim seriously?

If MACC have not started investigation on the vote buying allegation made by Samy Vellu, then they must publicly explain why?

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