Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Strong possibility of Najib calling for early elections?

The Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib had yesterday ruled out the possibility of a snap election.

He said that he did not see any need to do so as the mandate of the Federal Government would not expire anytime soon.

The last general election was held in March last year and it is therefore true that the Federal Government's mandate is not expiring soon.

Can we then totally rule out the possibility of a snap election ? I don't think we can or should.

We cannot take Najib's denial as a definite conclusion. Certainly he will not say it if this is one of his options.

I believe that if Najib decides to call a snap election, the following conditions will exist or have been fulfilled:

1. his personal rating has gone up to at least 80%

2. he has presented an election Budget with goodies and promises aimed at winning the people's support

3. he is confident of regaining BN's two thirds parliamentary majority

The interesting point to ponder is why will Najib be tempted to call a snap election?

Najib has assumed the office of Prime Minster with a heavy political baggage which resulted in his low approval rating.

He knows his political legitimacy is being questioned and he needs a high approval rating as well a new mandate from the people.

I therefore will not rule out the possibility of a snap election being held as early as end of this year or early next year.

In this regard, Pakatan Rakayt must buck up and be prepared. Internal spat which has tarnished PR's image and credibility must immediately stop.

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  1. > Kula,

    > I hope you are right but in this case you have got 1 + 1 + 3.
    > The reasons you gave are not convincing. Maybe after a couple of years
    > in office when he has bribed the rakyat enough (new bridges etc) he
    > will go to the polls.
    > If the present circumstance prevails I see no reason why he would call
    > a snap election. But anything can happen in politics. If Anwar is seen
    > to be unfairly treated by the court then there will be trouble. And if
    > the economy dives some more and people cannot cari makan then he may be
    > forced to do something including giving all sorts of pre election
    > goodies.
    > Kula, if your sycophants have kept it from you, let someone who is not
    > afraid to tell it like it is, apprise you of the reality. You buggers
    > have screwed up! And for that a lot of people are very unhappy with PR
    > - espy DAP. First you made promises you did not keep or have no
    > intention of keeping. Secondly when in office some of the excos have
    > been arrogant espy the people from the Dindings. Thirdly the
    > administration lacked people with vision, imagination or or able to
    > think out of the box (surrounding themselves by dull, conservative, yes
    > men instead of injecting some contrarian blood into the system). They
    > wouldn't even appoint people from ngos which focus on local govt issues
    > - probably afraid of being challenged.
    > Of course the greatest blunder of all was your party's handling of Hee
    > - I understand she was 'driven' out by the lack of respect her
    > colleagues have accorded her. You should know hell hath no fury like a
    > woman scorned and when that is accompanied by a few million sweeteners
    > (so i hear) it's easy to jump ship.
    > Anyway I have always said you guys are the lesser of two evils, so I
    guess I will be rooting for a PR victory whenever it comes.

    Yin by email