Saturday, July 18, 2009

The plight of Orang Asli

As it is often heard, be it in the media or by first hand information from the Orang Asli villagers in many parts of Perak, the infrastructure to Orang Asli Villagers, the supply of clean running water and electricity is a serious concern.
Among others I had personally visited one such Orang Asli Village in Perak ie Kg Sungai Bilik in Chendering in June 2009. I find italarming that despite these houses having been built more than a year ago, electricity and water supply had not been supplied to these villagers. What I find appalling is the fact that the government and government agency specifically tasked to care for the need of the Orang Asli namely JHEOA has not done anything to address the predicament of this villagers. I have raised the predicament of these Orang Asli villagers in parliament in the recently concluded session but however I am some what unhappy to say that the ministry in charge of the welfare of the Orang Asli had not satisfactorily address this pressing issue.
Please checkHansard at URL : . I hereby urge the government to immediately resolve this long standing issue of water and electricity supply to this village in order to alleviate the hardship of these villagers.

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