Thursday, July 23, 2009

No bias or discrimination in the intake into civil service?

For sometime the government has been attacked in Parliament for overlooking to increase the number of non-malays in the civil service. Even at one point the Minister in the Prime Minister department Dato Nazri even agreed to the opposition argument that the Malayan civil service should be renamed as Malay civil service.

It has to be noted that the drop of intake is not confined to Indians only but it is the same with Chinese and the Bumiputers of Sabah and Sarawak ( Ibans, Dayaks, Kadahans and Dusuns)

But consistently the Minister and others in the government have informed Malaysians that the intake of non-malays into the civil service is by reason of the lack of non Malay applicants.

Such explanation however is not convincing at all. In fact from our ground feed back, many non-malays are actually keen to join the service but they have some how been overlooked and due consideration has not been given to those who apply to join the civil service. Many complain that they don’t even get acknowledgment when they apply for a job in the civil service. And there are many who are not called for interviews.

Last week in an exclusive interview with Permual G of Malaysian Nabnan, The Chief Secretary of the Government Tan Sri Mohd Sidek Hassan said there is no bias or discrimination in the intake into public service. He further mentioned the “vacancies are widely advertised in the print media”. He asserted like Dato Nazri that there is a lack of application from the Indian community and or other ethnic communities..

The Minister of Human Resources Dato Subramaniam has said that 12000 Indian applicants have been rejected this year.

If 12000 is a true or correct figure, is the PSD prepared to publish the list of the rejected applicants, their qualifications, positions applied for, whether they were called for interview and why were they not recruited ?

Or is the PSD prepared, at the very least, to allow MPs who are keen to know the truth to view such details at the PSD office?

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