Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Civil service -9% of all new recruits are Malaysian Indians?

It is reported today that the MIC Secretary General and Human Resources Minister Datuk S Subramaniam has said that the intake of Malaysian Indians into the Malaysian civil service this year had surpassed the quota of 7.4% as agreed to following discussions with the Public Service Commission ( PSC) and the Public Service Department (PSD)

He said up to 9 % of Malaysian Indians had been recruited by PSC this year.

Dr Subramaniam is certainly very happy with the encouraging development as the one major complaint of the Indian community is the lack of job opportunities especially in the civil service.

However, he must be aware that official government statistics revealed in 2007 have shown that there were 17.4% Indians in the civil service in 1971 but this has dropped to 5.12 % in 2005 .

Although MIC is a senior partner in the BN Government, it could do little to check the decreasing percentage of Indians in the civil service. It is clear and proof that MIC is a weak partner in the BN Government.

It has to be noted that the drop is not confined to Indians only but it is the same for the Chinese and the bumiputras of Sabah and Sarawak ( Ibans, Dayaks, Kadazans and Dusuns).

Dr Subramanian has also said that 4000 Indian Malaysians were recruited by PSC this year while another 12,000 applicants had their applications rejected.

I have just today received a parliamentary reply to my written question asking the Prime Minister to state the number of new government recruitment for the period from 2004 to 2009.
According to the reply, the number of new recruitment by PSC is as follows:

2009 ( as at 31.5.2009 ) 23,522
2008 52,369
2007 38,373
2006 28,225
2005 17,031
2004 16,388

The number of Indians recruited for the above corresponding periods are 1179, 2367, 1182, 1150, 887 and 961.

It is clear that as at 31..5.2009 this year, only 1179 Indians were recruited and this adds up to 5% of the total recruitment for the period. Dr Subramanian must therefore explain how from 31.5.2009 to yesterday, the total number of Indians recruited by PSC has gone up from 1179 to 4000. Where did he obtain the figure of 4000? Subra owes an explanation or he need to correct his statement.

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